We need to protect the ocean and watersheds that support us.  If we do nothing, our future generations will look back at us unkindly and wonder how the heck could we have all stood by while we let this life-giving resource, our ocean, and all the fresh water which eventually flows into it, be used, abused, and polluted?

Really, no more quietly asking. We gotta demand. ESPECIALLY now. We gotta MARCH! To let our ocean continue to be degraded by run-off, plastics, continuous “waivers to pollute,” outdated and overtaxed sewer plants, and oil spills is a gross injustice to our future generations, and us.

  • Buy a shirt to support the FIRST EVER March for the Ocean! 
  • If your heart is there but you cannot directly support the march, please do what you can at home to reduce your need for fossil fuel products and energy and please recycle! Get outside, play, and celebrate this amazing world in which we live. And if you can, get out on a river, a lake, a stream, a pond or the ocean, whether it’s the salty one or a freshwater “inland” one!

Thank you so much for whatever you can afford to give or do!

One thought on “Support

  1. Hi My name is Steve Corlew, I received information about this event yesterday from Greg Heinz by way of Stacie Dimick. I live in Harbor Springs and If you need anything at all please let me know. My wife and I can probably wip up some food and a bed to sleep in if you would like. Great job, I will continue reading about your endeavor. Take care,



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