Route Map & Events

CHI2NOLA is a downstream-upstream challenge. Initially leaving Chicago via the Sanitary Canal, heading into the Mississippi, then upstream on the Illinois River into Kentucky Lake and the Tennessee River and the Tenn-Tom Waterway. From Mobile, Alabama, Margo will paddle into the Mobile Bay heading West to New Orleans.

See route map below or at this link: tentative landing sites and dates here.

Current Location:  SPOTLINK


Upcoming Events

For Immediate Release:
September 15, 2016
Margo Pellegrino 609-713-2961 (off the water) 609-713-2962 (on the water)
Lauren Townsend 215-939-7621, Communications
Activist Margo Pellegrino, on Clean Water Paddle from #CHi2NOLA,
returns from #MRTCI – Mississippi River Cities & Towns Initiative 
meeting in Natchez, MS to continue paddle; issues statement.

Natchez, MS 

“I was thrilled and honored to be at this meeting of Mississippi Cities & Towns. This partnership helps Mississippi mayors maximize their voices and collaborate on best practices to confront the common issues they face because of their location on a busy and fast flowing river that is a conduit of commerce.

“Climate change and flooding is a very real deal for them, and something which they must address. It’s refreshing to see elected officials join together to find solutions rather than ignoring the problems until they come to an even larger crisis.

“These mayors have a broad view of all that encompasses being a riverfront town or city.  They understand the use of the river as a highway of goods, and they understand the need to allow for recreation.  They also understand why riverside communities need to have more community spaces for people on the river rather than being cut off from it.

“Most importantly, they understand the very real issues of water quality, and why that water must be clean. They seem ready to think about the clean water economy and how it benefits them.

“This is, in my mind, how government works best; when officials come together not to put up road blocks to progress, but to solve the common problems they all face and that impact their towns.”

– Blue Frontier Ocean Explorer, Margo Pellegrino
Blue Frontier’s Ocean Explorer Margo Pellegrino in on a clean water paddle from Chicago to New Orleans. This is the 2nd leg of her 2-year clean water journey paddling from the Big Apple to the Big Easy.
Margo works with environmental allies to draw attention to issues impacting our inland waterways and ocean. At community and media events will discuss why clean water, and the people whose jobs and health depend on it, should be a top issue for people in the United States.
  • Margo is mid-paddle and by the time she reaches NOLA will have made 45-55 stops along this extraordinary inland paddle route
  • The paddle has a  robust social media presence that will include frequent posts on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Margo’s blog, and YouTube/Vimeo
  • Over the course of this 2 month paddle, Margo will  engage and mobilize more than 1,000 people including: paddlers; local conservation and clean water organizations; outdoor enthusiasts; and tourism offices, businesses and municipal leaders who care about the importance of a clean waterways – clean ocean economy
Organizations supporting Margo Pellegrino’s paddle include: Outrigger Chicago; American Rivers; 1Mississippi; Mobile Baykeeper; Gulf Restoration Network; and the American Canoe Association.
Check out Margo’s Blog – 
Follow Margo on Face Book – The Big Apple 2 The Big Easy 
Follow Margo on Twitter – @SlowPaddler
Learn more about Blue Frontier –

Media Advisory

August 23, 2016
Organizations supporting Margo Pellegrino’s paddle include: Outrigger Chicago; American Rivers;
1Mississippi; Mobile Baykeeper; Gulf Restoration Network; and the American Canoe Association.




3 thoughts on “Route Map & Events

  1. Margo, So happy to see you again showing the world the importance of our waterways; and that you are still alive through it all. Again, you and family are always welcome at my humble abode in Bandon Oregon.
    Peggy Powell


  2. Good luck on your journey and safe travels!!! i grew up in New Jersey and people have no idea how beautiful it is here in Northern Michigan and how important our Lakes are to everyone. Keep up the good work and I look forward in reading your journey.
    Jason from Petoskey, Michigan.


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