Gear Sponsors

Those who’ve helped support my epic paddles are:

Kialoa Paddles, who, like those above, have been there from the very, very start in 2007. They make wonderful paddles, and I will stick with them forever. I put a lot of miles on these blades, and they have NEVER let me down. The Whacky Helium, in particular, is actually a therapeutic paddle–while it’s not billed as such, I’ve had neck issues resolve while paddling. And of course, if one whacks out one’s back out before a long paddle on the Pacific (improperly picking up an overloaded cooler…), you can expect by the time you get from Seattle to the ocean you’ll be feeling fine!

Also from the start is ACR. I LOVE how small their PLB’s (personal location beacon’s) have gotten. The coasts and waterways have many lonely stretches, despite all precautions and weather checks, the poo can hit the fan in seconds, and one owes it to one’s family to carry one of these.

MTI’s inflatable PFD’s (personal flotation devices) as well as their regular vests are a “must have.” Don’t head out on the water without one. Period. (well, unless you are in the surf zone!)  And I still wear their paddling gear, which, sadly, they are not making anymore!

And of course, what adventure that you want to share would even be sharable without a SPOT Tracker? I am so thankful that they will providing service for this inland waterway adventure.  The Spot track provides me with a web-enabled popcorn trail which is such an aid for fellow paddlers finding me to meet up.  It also provides an emergency distress signal – which I hope I’ll never need.

Finally, GoPro has provided me with a Hero 3 Silver camera for this adventure.  Admittedly, motocross, surfing, and skydiving (and okay, a Pelican beak) probably make for more exciting video footage than paddling through a canal, but then again – when you’e boxed into a canal lock when the  water surges in to rise – well, that’s a crazy ride too.

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