Margo Pellegrino, a Medford Lakes stay-at-home mother began a two part journey from New York City to New Orleans last year. Her two month journey in an outrigger canoe from Newark, NJ on May 20th, 2015, ended in Chicago, IL, in mid July.  She will paddle the second leg, from Chicago to New Orleans via the Tenn-Tom waterway from mid-August to mid-October of 2016.  She and organizational allies and environmental leaders along the way will draw attention to issues impacting our inland waterways and ocean and urge communities to take necessary action to protect these resources.

Margo’s paddling event is a project of the Blue Frontier Campaign. Last year’s leg was made possible with partnerships from Earthjustice, Surfers’ Environmental Alliance, and others including Clean Ocean Action, NJ/NY Baykeeper, Environment NJ, Food and Water Watch.

How can one person help protect the waterways in our states, our cities and our backyards? 

Paddle4Blue is one woman’s solo paddle journey into the Heartland to raise awareness of the dangers facing our waterways, ocean, and drinking water.  Margo and her team will have stops along the way to educate the public about issues that impact drinking water, waterways, and our ocean and highlight the local groups working on these issues so that interested citizens can take an active role in protecting their resources and the ocean further downstream.

Keeping our rivers, lakes, bays, and ocean clean and healthy not only benefits our own individual health, but also ensures that these economic drivers continue to contribute to a healthy tourism and recreational industry. Especially during last year’s NYC2CHI leg, Margo observed that towns and cities which accentuated their waterfronts by increasing public access to the water and showcasing them as the assets they are was the difference between a thriving town and a depressed one. People like to be around, in, and near water. 

This journey for our water is not Margo’s first “adventure with a mission.” Previously she paddled from Miami to Maine, around the Gulf Coast, and the West Coast along with a few smaller, more local jaunts to highlight ocean issues. As in her past treks, Margo has a scheduled tour of stops along the route that include press conferences and meetings with the public to discuss her mission, talk about the threats to our waterways and drinking water,  showcase success stories, and explain why this most important of all issues–our water–must be an election year issue.

Margo and her partners intend to shine a light on the many problems within our watersheds and waterways while providing hope that they are “fixable” and inspire interested citizens into action. This journey across the waterways will raise awareness locally and nationally, empower individuals to become involved with organizations working on these issues, and demand that our election year hopefuls address the many water crises around the country, all the while inspiring people to get out and enjoy their local waterways.

More info on Margo’s motivation.

Read my About Margo page to see more about me.


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