About AC2DC

Paddle4Blue is a blog written by a woman who loves the ocean, the rivers, the lakes, the bays, and her family, not necessarily in that order. She is driven by the hope that she can leave the planet as healthy as it was when she was born into it for her children.

Margo will paddle from Atlantic City, NJ, to Washington, DC, for the March for the Ocean on June 9th. She is doing this to excite fellow ocean lovers about this upcoming event, and rustle up (some folks might say “beg”) as many folks as she can to join in this momentous march and maybe even to join her on the water. It is more than high time that THE biggest natural resource on Earth, which in fact, is MOST of the planet, has NEVER had a march to call its own. Well, its got one now because the ocean IS too big to fail (unlike some banks and a car manufacturer we know about…). Please join us for this FIRST EVER March for the Ocean.

This journey for our water is not Margo’s first “adventure with a mission.” Previously she paddled from Miami to Maine, around the Gulf Coast, and the West Coast along with a few smaller, more local jaunts to highlight ocean issues. She also paddled from Trenton, NJ, to Newark, NJ, and from Newark,NJ to Chicago. The following year she paddled from Chicago to New Orleans using the “Tenn-Tom Waterway.” That was probably her hottest journey yet, where she regularly ran out of water within ten miles of her destination, skirted thunderstorms, discovered how nasty fire ants can be, and met many wonderful folks in the South who shared her love of adventure and shared with her their amazing waterways and hospitality.

More info on Margo’s motivation.

Read my About Margo page to see more about me.

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