Day 20 – June 7th – Fairview Beach to Anacostia


This is the next to last day-and I probably won’t do another blog until Monday-cause I hope no one who cares about the ocean is at home to read it. I hope we’re all marching.

So today Rodrigo, Natalie, and I savored THE perfect day on the water. Glassy and calm, we paddled with the incoming tide by woods full of eagles and ospreys, cotton ball clouds and perfect blue sky. It really was the most magical and relaxing day of this whole adventure. We did have flotsam and tons of plastic trash to navigate around, too much for us to take with us, so that was a little depressing, but it also hardened our resolve to keep doing what we are doing, to make changes and educate folks whenever and wherever we can about what we are doing to our ocean and how we can be a part of the solution to at least fixing the plastic problem.

We glided on to Mallows Bay, which I misnamed “Marrow Bay,” a bay I had paddler by on the West Coast. Mallows Bay is a shipwreck graveyard. Of course the vessels that rise above the river now have osprey nests on them. Seeing the nests on various structures one wonders where ospreys built their nests before people made docks and houses over the water or sunk boats in bays. It’s a wonderment, sorta like wondering where chimney swifts roosted before there were chimneys. The things we ponder while paddling!

Jim Foster, our water angel, was waiting for us when we arrived early this afternoon. He waited patiently while we set up camp, showered, and then we headed out to a wonderful barbecue spot which would have been better if not for the styrofoam containers. Ugh! But it WAS excellent barbecue but holy heck, let’s ditch the styro. I did buy an iced tea in a can and used the new stainless steel straw that Jim brought us. From now on I’m going to make a point of going out with the straw-needless to say, straws are all over the place at the beach and they were all over mixed in with the flotsam floating down the Potomac.

There are so many things we can do to make things better for our ocean and our downstream neighbors-stopping with the single use plastics is an easy-ish first step.  And marching is another great way! We need these marches to show our electeds and the general population that our amazing ocean resource is too valuable to be abused as we currently are doing. No ocean, no us, and that is why we will march, and why we will continue with our advocacy, and why we can never shut up. Our future generations would never forgive us if we turned a deliberate blind eye to the harm we cause. The least we can do is try to get folks to wake up. Protecting our watersheds, protecting our rivers, protecting our bays and lakes, it all helps us protect our ocean, the creature that live there, and us.

I do take it as a good sign that I’ve seen way more ospreys and bald eagles than I remember seeing ten years ago when I did this paddle. It’s fitting, in a way, to see so many eagles, after all, the Eagles DID finally win a super bowl, and I take that as a good sign, too.

Oh! The music we were listening to was also a name I flubbed in my previous blog-it’s “bossanova.” That and blue grass are prefect  to listen to while floating along a glassy river.

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