Day 18 – June 5th – Hague to Colonial Beach


The cold front blew in around 2:30 this morning, making our tents rustle in the breeze. Yesterday Rodrigo and Natalie joined me for a full day on the water. We left a little late, but enjoyed the beauty of the blue skies, the bald eagles soaring all over Westmoreland  Park, and appreciating the various architectural prowess of the ospreys in this area. There is definitely a need for more osprey nesting sites. Some folks had ospreys nest right on their docks, and there were at least three osprey nests on various rooftops, including a big one with weeds and grasses growing out of it on top of a bar. I’ve never seen that before.

We did have a bit of wind and subsequent chop, but Natalie and Rodrigo peddled their inflatable Hobie sailing kayak merrily along, while listening to Brazilian bosova music, sort of a soft jazz. It was quite the site, I imagine, our two unique vessels making headway up the river. We did catch the eye of a park ranger in his truck, who slowly drove by and kept up with us on land. I guess he thought we might be trying to stealth camp on state park property.

We were on our way to Monroe Bay Campground, which has the perfect beach campground as well as exceptionally clean and beautiful showers, which look newly renovated-and they are definitely not, with their gorgeous tile work and rock work on the floors of the showers, your average run of the mill camp showers. The people are very friendly here, and I am so thankful for Natalie arranging this spot for us.

We enjoyed our dinner while watching it pour buckets in the bay we had just crossed not too long before. Natalie and Rodrigo had done a ton of cooking, and have almost every conceivable Yeti bag made. They even out-Yeti my brother, I think, who has quite the collection. So we enjoyed the food they made and desert, too!

Our dinner and conversation was cut a little short tho, as a swan family came on the beach and made a point of letting us know our time was up. Rodrigo grabbed my paddle and stood on the picnic table to back them down a little, while we scrambled to get our things and give the swans the space they so clearly demanded. Swans can be mean. My best friend at home holds a grudge against them for an article she read about one killing a Jack Russel terrier.

I’m aiming for an early start today, if I plan it right I could catch the tide up to King George. We’ll see. There is a lot of water moving down the river and a lot of debris, too, from all the flooding. But we are definitely inching our way to DC-we should be there on the 8th for that sign making party! I’m so looking forward to seeing my family-even my mother-there at this event!!

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