Day 16 – June 3rd – Leaving from Point Lookout

The other night, while walking under the porch area of the bathroom, a slimy thing brushed my foot. I looked down to see a little tree frog hop up onto the wall. Closer inspection revealed two heads, but it wasn’t a two headed frog, of course, but two frogs mating, which would explain why they weren’t paying attention to where they hopping in tandem when they brushed across my foot.

When I walked by them a little later, they had separated. The larger of the two looked straight ahead, as if denying her indiscretion. The smaller one cocked his little head and stared at me, as if wondering why i had interrupted them. He kept his head cutely angled at me for as long as I gazed at him, letting me fully absorb his cute amphibian-ness. I wish I had had my cell phone with me so I could have taken a photo, but I did not. No matter, that memory of an adorable little tree frog looking at me while I looked at him will stay etched in my brain.

Walking back from the Potomac swim I watched an osprey chase a bald eagle away from its nest. There are osprey nests all over the place here, as well as blue herons. I haven’t seen any pelicans, but they are around here, I know, as I saw them while paddling here on Friday.

It’s sort of sad to leave this most endangered of state parks. It’s been a sweet little respite, the staff are incredible, and the time for quiet contemplation has been invaluable. But Natalie and Rodrigo are here, and we have our plans plus the sign making and March for the Ocean to look forward to. I say this is probably one of the most endangered parks because this place sits pretty squarely at sea level. The puddles here are fairly permanent, and they will surely only grow. Climate change will progress, and this sweet spot will disappear. It’s a pretty safe bet that by the time my kids are my age (51), they this place will no longer be a campable State Park. Enjoy it while it’s here! I sure hope I can get my kids back to this place before it’s swallowed up by the river and the Chesapeake.

Onward to Coles Marina in Hague, VA! The wind will be in our faces, as will the stuff current from the Potomac River. It will not be an easy 20 mile paddle, that’s for sure. An early start is essential, even tho that means the current will be at its strongest. So we will inch along and enjoy the scenery more than if we were flying by it.

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