Day 15 – June 2nd – At Point Lookout


Point Lookout is for amphibian lovers. It’s also a perfect place for water lovers of all types-fishermen, boaters, paddlers, swimmers, and today if SUP surf wet and wild outrigger downwinders are your thing you could even surf the incredible wind swells on the Chesapeake, but you’d hafta bail before you smack into the bulkhead that protects the road from pounding NE’sters like the one ripping thru here right now.

When I looked at weather two days ago, the forecast was for rain and light NNW winds, I think. Well, it’s a downpour of epic proportions with thunder and the whole nine yards to boot. Wind gusts of 25. Glad to be sitting this one out but boy will this mean more of a workout going uphill on the Potomac.
Yesterday I enjoyed my day off by watching the annual Potomac River Swim which benefits a ton of orgs devoted to keeping our watersheds and rivers healthy and clean. As it all goes downstream and out to the ocean, the hard work of these orgs also benefits that giant, global playground and life-giving, job-providing resource. You can check out the swim and the orgs that benefit from it here-
Cheryl W, the fearless organizer of this amazing event, invited me to do a little spiel about why I’m paddling from AC2DC and the March for the Ocean on June 9th. It was great fun to hang out with the swimmers and their escort kayaks-every swimmer has a kayaker devoted to him or her in addition to motorized safety vessels.
I gave those swimmers a ton of credit. First off, that Potomac is full on flooding right now. You KNOW that upstream sewer plants are taxed to the max and run-off from all these storms means more crap you don’t want to know about in that water they’re swimming in for hours. Plus, the downward flow of the river actually overpowers the push of the incoming tide. I had noticed how slowly I was moving upstream despite the fact I was hitting the Potomac and crossing at peak flood. My boat sits light and high on the water, making it a great vessel for going against current, no way could I imagine swimming that route.
The first place finisher noted that he was an hour slower than the previous year, and a few past participants had to be pulled from the water. For sure it will be a slog tomorrow to Hague for us. I’m looking forward to the company of Rodrigo and Natalie, plus am curious to see what they’ve been cooking up for provisions! They will surely need every ounce of energy they can eat up for tomorrow’s paddle and crossing. Wind is supposed to really blow in the afternoon, so an early start will be needed.
Right now I’m enjoying sitting here at the camp store by the kayak launch and boat docks. The porch is nice and wide, and I can look out at the little lake which goes to the river. It’s getting totally pummeled by rain. I’m hoping my tent will still be standing and dry by the time I get back to it.
Bob, the manager of the store, has been wonderful. He even shared his secret stash of Stone Cold Creamery ice-cream coffee creamer with me. And by the time I finally made it here he had a citronella candle burning at the picnic table which is serving as my desk right now. He’s gone out of his way to help me, as it seems everyone at this campground has. They truly are fantastic here. I hope I can convince my family to come here and camp-I wanted to poke around here more at the historic sites today but the deluge killed all hopes of that.  Hopefully it will let up by the time Natalie and Rodrigo get here so they can at least get their tents set up before the next deluge hits.
Right now it looks like it’s going to rain forever-no sign of it easing off. I do wish the camp stores sold books! With next to no WiFi books would be perfect. Besides, I’m really hankering to read that book about Cape Charles. Such characters there!
Today on my walk to the store and “my office” I picked up a bunch of plastic bags, cups with lids, plastic water bottles, and two styrofoam cups along with plastic fishing lure wrappers and various other plastic fishing related stuff. I really wish bait shops would make sure they tell fishermen to throw their stuff away properly, and recycle what they can. Or maybe schools should be better about teaching kids to pick up after themselves so they don’t grow into adults who leave their trash everywhere? It gets me annoyed that we all hafta suffer when parents fall down on the job of making their kids clean up after themselves. If parents would do their jobs teaching their kids to be responsible for their trash then we wouldn’t have adults tossing trash around. I mean really, what the heck is up with that? It’s so easy to take out your trash and recycling and put it in its place. Why not just do it?
Education is never ending. We don’t need to yell at people, just ask them kindly to pick up their trash. And we need to be persistent. I bet most folks who litter have no thought at all how damaging it is to or ocean and the creatures in it, or how it works it’s way into the food chain and the very fish the fishermen love to eat!
The sky seems to be lightening a little bit, so hopefully soon I can make my way back to my tent. I suppose tho, I should not be in such a rush. I do have a lot of phone calls to make, and this IS the only protected place with the most reliable internet. Plus, it’s fun to take a break and chat with Bob. He has a smarty pants daughter doing amazing things and an extremely talented musical genius son, who’s YouTube links I’ll get to share when Bob gets back from some of his chores. Oh look! Found a link to one of his songs. Check Hayden Warren out-he’s pretty damn good-he writes his own songs, plays ALL the instruments and puts it all together. Pretty amazing.
For the Ocean!

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