Day 44 – Ocean Springs, MS


So far so good-the weather has been holding. The clouds do puff up over the Gulf by they don’t seem to really develop into anything until further inland. I’m so hoping that pattern continues to hold although after tomorrow I will be heading more inland as I paddle up to Slidell.

Yesterday Alice Baker and Eric Richards joined me on the water-it was a real joy to have them out there with me. We had a good following breeze and some wind swell to ride. They had taken me through a short cut thru the marshes which was way way preferable to going back out the busy harbor entrance of the Pascagoula River. I was really impressed by the Pascagoula area and am hoping maybe I can swing by there on my way home-will have to see what Carl says, as I also would like to do a pop in at Mobile and we need to head up to Demopolis to grab my gear which is currently being stored there. Then it’s on to Birmingham and home the next day.

Eric and Alice and I paddled into the Ocean Springs Yacht Club where we met up with Bill Curtis of the local Citizens Climate Action group, and Julia O’Neal of the Sierra Club. Kim Richards later joined us as did Cynthia Ramseur’s husband, George. Much lively discussion ensued about the best way to decrease our carbon-load among other things before we moved on to dinner where we were joined by Dr. Andy Clewell of the Society for Ecological Restoration and Nina. I’m now fully into Gulf Restoration Network’s amazing network-so many people committed to doing what they can do to help the Gulf of Mexico which oftentimes seems to be slated to be the “national sacrifice zone.” It is too chock full of life, with so many dependent on it for a living, to let that happen.

I wish I could remember all the details of our many conversations and the tangents we all went off on. There was certainly no lack of discussion topics. I’d love to get these folks to the Blue Vision Summit next May as I think they’d get a kick out of it and they certainly would add to the mix of the salty folks that usually attend that. Regardless of who wins this crazy ass election, next May’s Summit will be a great one to get to. Those of us who love our blue ocean planet will have our work cut out for us for sure. For more info about the Blue Vision Summit, please visit . We CAN work together to keep our watery resources viable AND have a good time doing it.


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