Day 34 – Ezell’s Fish House, Butler, AL


A serious quick blog before I head out to Bobby’s Fish Camp. More storms ahead and it looks grim for the next two weeks as the tropical storms rumble their way through the Mobile Bay/Pascagoula/NOLA region. It kind of reminds me of the Lake Erie stretch of last year’s paddle, except these storms don’t pass in minutes. They hang out and take their time.

David Helvarg, the founder and president of Blue Frontier Campaign, called me while I paddled my way through thunderstorms. He wondered if it was a good idea to be out there while I could see lightning. Little did he know that a bit before he called, from somewhere in the woods near the river banks, I could hear a wild boar squealing as if it was getting attacked by something, maybe another boar?  I think my chances were better with the lightning around than with whatever was attacking the wild boar!

David just got back from Hawaii, where he was at a gathering of writers for the sea. He’s been having a great run right now and two of his books are now in paperback- “Saved by the Sea” and “The Golden Shore: California’s Love Affair with the Sea.” Both are definitely worth the read!

So yesterday’s paddle was made possible by a day off for logistics planning and Jim’s amazing bean soup. He and Lisa even got up early to make coffee in the morning before I headed out. Such great people there; it does make it hard to leave.

Speaking of leaving, I better get moving as more storms are predicted and this is another long paddle day. I had enough leftovers from the great home-style meal here at Ezell’s Fish Camp. Definitely a place to visit for real local character, good people, and great food. I so hope to get my family back here!!


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