Day 29 – Sweet Home Alabama!


We are in SWEET Sweet Home Alabama!

It’s kind of a mad dash to get out the door today-poor Poco had a ton of surprise issues with our rental car yesterday which sounds kind of like a disaster-more on that later-maybe-but suffice to say we are in a different car now and all is well. Her puppy also checked out well at the vet and we are set to keep moving forward. Speaking of vets, we’ve been used to expensive vets in NJ-particularly with our birds, so we were surprised with the good ol’ fashioned price of the vet Poco went to. Yay for that!

The heat has been intense and I completely drain my water bag each day. This is a first for me, I never normally hydrate this much but the heat is something else. So today I’d  really like to get back into the habit of early starts, because by 2pm you can’t help but go slow on the water because too much exertion just shuts you right down as you bake in the sun. You simply can’t hop off into the water enough to cool off.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Alabama, so I’m eager to get on the water. I think I’m gonna miss all the wonderful boat ramp options that Mississippi has. I was a bit blown away by all the well maintained public boat ramps in that state, which I know won’t be the case here in Alabama – but maybe I’ll be wrong!

I’m just thrilled-again-to be pitching my tent in a place not overrun by biting ants. That one stop in MS has me a little traumatized with those ants.

Well, forward Ho! and off I go to make coffee & start the day!

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