Day 20 – at the Danville Park Ferry



I paddled into the ferry station at Danville Park area yesterday, outrunning one storm and then zig zagging back and forth from one side of the lake to the other as I tried to avoid the storm and figure out where Poco found a place for us. Right now the boat is upside down at the ferry terminal, which is a road that ends at a boat ramp. I met Rabbit and Capt. Lee, who operate the ferry, this morning and thanked them for letting us leave my canoe there. Rabbit is a really nice guy who moved from Minnesota when his old boss broke up their union. I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to Capt. Lee.
From here on out blogs might be a tad sporadic, the lack of service will only get worse as I head south, and they’ll probably be nonexistent in parts of Alabama unless we can find a nearby town. Right now I’m making use of the ferry captain’s jerry-rigged wifi. I’m sitting on a tiny table under a street light. The table had a car monitor on it, so the ferry captains would know when a car drives up, so I have to remember to put it back exactly as I found it when I leave.

The park we are staying in is a state park, with new renovations. Once again we pitched my tent and Poco’s hammock right in the gazebo. Fortunately there’s also a bathroom with running water-hot and cold-and a toilet with toilet paper. This is a HUGE bonus because we haven’t had that so much this trip unless we’re at a bonafide campground. Usually it’s been digging a hole in the ground and the “pocket shower.” So we feel we have luxury camping right now.

Originally the spot I picked for yesterday’s landing was a place called “Bass Bay Village Resort”.  I imagined it to be a little roughish spot for fishermen. It was not listed in the Tenn-Tom guidebook I picked up at the marina in Grafton, IL, as were some of the other marinas I had picked up for later stops, like Cuba Landing and the Mermaid Marina in Decaturville.

Poco had scouted it out and didn’t find the place overwhelming with friendliness and possibility. Maybe they aren’t used to bubbly happy Jersey Girl’s in rice hats wth feathers. Or maybe, more than likely, they were bothered by the intense heat and humidity we’ve all been suffering through. Who knows, but fortunately Poco persevered and managed to get out of them information about alternative places to land and pitch our tent & hammock. This little Danville Park is a sweet spot-practically brand new, and there’s even a restaurant at the end of the other road which we are on. That road dead ends into the water as well, but without a boat ramp. There’s also a little store there where you can grab some food, a beer, and ice.

With two dead ends this has probably been our quietest campground. The locals at the store cleared out around 9, and it was just us and the night bugs and a little screech owl. At 4:30 a fox started barking, its funny raspy choking cry loud in the darkness. It kept this up for awhile before the little screech owl started again. Either roosters, screech owls, or foxes, I love being woken up by creatures rather than an alarm.

Time to go make the coffee, I’m hoping to hit the water a little earlier than I have been because the heat just zaps you by 3 and the water isn’t very refreshing as its close to 90 as well. Am hoping for wifi at Cuba Landing-keep fingers crossed!

Please also remember to sign the petition for clean water on my home page, if you haven’t already signed it.  Many thanks!


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