Day 11 – off day in St. Louis



So today is race day. A mixed paddle-craft thing, including voyaging canoes and SUPs. I’m paddling in one of the big voyaging canoes. And then I’m gonna paddle my distance to Crystal City/Festus. Looks like there’s gonna be weather, but at least there will be no locks.

Sleep, eh, could have, as usual, done more on that end. 11ish-12ish, then 2-5:30. The break in the middle was from waking up to greet the gang that came in from a moonlit paddle. It’s awesome folks love this type of thing-cook out on the sandy banks of the Big Muddy-wish more cities would have this type of thing in their outskirts. Clearly the Mississippi’s 11 mile stretch of commercial free traffic is blessing and a boon for the adventurous.

Yesterday was a day to gather gear, resupply, and reach out to folks. Well, we did all of that, but probably not as much outreach as I shoulda. I did, tho, get a paddle pants system I think will work and help prevent rubs. We’ll see. Men’s exoficio’s tight briefs and cute plaid biking shorts, minus the shami thing. The coolest thing about them, beside being the same material as board shorts, is that they have reflective threads in them. Anything that gives me better visibility for unintentional night paddling rocks in my book.

Oh-and I’m gonna try some of “the bomb” rub stick. Take that, butt rubs!

Camp coffee in the morning, ready to go, and where the hell is everybody? We’re supposed to be leaving in seven minutes. Well, the race surely won’t go off without the race organizer and his boat. Oh yea, and this would qualify as “river time.”


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