Day 3 – August 11th


As I write this very very abbreviated blog, the threat of thunderstorms loom over me, clouds heavy and gray, smatterings of rain and every now and then a rumble of thunder. The first passing of a “threat” moved quickly by so I’m eager to hit the water and see how far I can go-my gut tells me the storms will hold off, at least the dramatic ones. 55 miles and two locks which close when there’s lightning might be more of a challenge than I bargained for, especially since the river isn’t as much as push up here as I was hoping. But hey, it is what it is and I’m content to try.

I feel well rested after a fantastic camping night here at the Kayak Morris campground- . It is a perfect spot-cleanest potties I’ve ever been in, with lights for night time breaks, well stocked toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and did I sat CLEAN? Even my mother would find these potties acceptable!

And you can’t best beating right on the river. No need to break down the canoe and rooftop it anywhere. I would definitely come back to this place–they have a ton of activities and make it super easy for families to get into camping and paddling. And if you want a break from camp-food there’s the Turtle Tap in town with the best margaritas and a great salad selection. They are well known for the freshness of their food.

So yesterday I only made one wrong turn onto I forget what little river by the lock that’s upstream of the campground. It was a very pretty little spot and I’m glad that Chelsea caught me before I went too far upstream-ha-if I had my GPS running I would have definitely noticed the slower pace, if not the fact I was off course! Kinda cracks me up because I was wondering where the markers went!

More fun today-navigating coastal waters is definitely easier than picking your way down these river systems. Or maybe I should just pay attention to channel markers, huh.


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