Day 1 – Depart from Chicago

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This adventure for our water, our rivers, our ocean, our bays/estuaries has begun. It certainly won’t be an earth shattering movement, won’t rock the world, but it’s very much another drop in the ocean of worker bees striving to make our watery world a better place. It’s what I can do, so with the help of many many hands along the way, prayers from friends and family, I’m doing it.
We need all hands on deck, so with fingers wrapped around my paddle, it’s off I go, but certainly, not without your help.
It was quite the ride to get here, to our present kick-off site here at Lincoln Park Boathouse in Chicago-much anguish, hair pulling, frustration at explosion levels, distractions bombarding brains crossing eyes red with tears and no sleep, realization that as usual the trip would be underfunded due to know one’s fault but my own, route a snaking turning twisting path on many rivers, 12 hour straight thru drive thru the night, one nice officer “intervention” en route, plans for crossing of a fish fence, the details of which were remedied with less than 15 hours to go, about to blast Whiskey in the Jar, 11 minutes until we get to our launch-sweet additional “trail magic” to get to the boat launch NOT an hour away as routed last night, but 30 mins instead-SWEET DISCOVERY.
Crazy…but not as crazy as what we are doing to our water…algae blooms, Flint River, the ocean, suffering coho salmon in the PNW, clinging jellies, and holy heck, Rio’s horribly trashed festering bays.
This very personal journey for our water to be shared and made as many people’s story as possible will commence with blade hitting the water and pulling in less than two hours.
My secret goal for this journey and why this particular Care2 petition ( ) is near and dear to my heart is because it has a pledge for action-get involved, and #GetOutside and enjoy your water. Oh yea, and if you are in Chicago get into an outrigger canoe!! You can search or Jeff Winterkorn, our amazing host, and Sue Chang of Outrigger Chicago if you are interested in this awesome team sport.
You can’t beat having friends wth you on the water-and Chris Wells just got here!! Woohoo!! Illinois Ocean Coalition represents!!
Paddles up, and I hope to see you on the water!

One thought on “Day 1 – Depart from Chicago

  1. You will happy to know we had 13 little happy paddlers on the Rancocas yesterday, they paddled, they swim and they listened to a little history of the creek. Flying Fish is a beer here in NJ, not something to end up flopping in your boat. Be safe!


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