Petition- Demand Clean Water

I’ve been up all night and my brain is starting to short circuit. Bring on the coffee! Well, or a quick nap. This trip probably ranks as THE most stressful of the paddle campaigns for pre-paddle details I’ve ever done. At least, with this paddle there is a petition…which I hope will be circulated far and wide. It’s a petition for our water, of course. To protect the downstream ocean, my most favorite playground, we need to protect the waters and watersheds that flow into it. If we do nothing, our future generations will look back at us and think we were a bunch of idiots. How could we have all stood by while we let this life-giving resource, our water, be used, abused, and polluted? Really, no more quietly asking. We gotta demand. To let our water continue to be degraded by run-off, plastics, continuous “waivers to pollute,” outdated and overtaxed sewer plants, and oil spills is a gross injustice to our future generations, and us.

If you care about clean water, if you like it better than dirty water, then please sign and pass along this Care2 petition for clean water. We need water to live, and it’s best when it’s clean.

CHI2NOLA!!!And then after you sign, go immerse yourself in water!

Your donation will help make this campaign for clean water possible. Now is the time to make a big stink for our water, so it doesn’t.

Thank you.




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