Matching grant for up to $2000!! &ThankU MITAdventurewear!!

IMG_2984Gear Sponsor thank you: Thank you Lili Colby at MTI  Adventurewear for the new inflatable PFD!!! Photos to come!!

And FULL stop—please help me reach the amount I need for a generous MATCHING grant of $2000!!! (if y’all can pitch in–last day for this is JULY 31!!, then your collective $2 Gs turns into $4 G’s!!!) just click anywhere on this paragraph to go to the Blue Frontier donation page for this project! THANK YOU!!

It’s getting to be a really hot summer. In all sorts of ways. People’s tempers, the temperature, which, by the way, has the us all on target for another global record high temp, the even crazier political scene–it’s all culminating into the nuttiest freakiest summer ever. We’ve reached the boiling point on so many issues, on so many levels. Yes, Houston, we really do have a problem, we gotta lotta problems, and the quicker we can resolve the ones that keep us divided the better cause we all need to focus on the tremendous issue that is climate change that will mostly hurt those that can afford it the least but will leave no one unscathed.

Climate change will impact our water in many very bad ways. And since we cannot separate ourselves from the water which gives us life, that is a serious problem.

Trying to concentrate on this upcoming paddle is a real challenge for me, despite the importance of the message. For my severely strained attention span, trying to focus on our water and ocean right now is worse than paddling into a 40 mph headwind and chop. Between more horrific video footage of police brutality inflicted on people of color, followed by the murder of five cops at a peaceful march in Dallas, TX, combined with the intense vitriol associated with this Presidential election, the murderous rampage in Orlando, and last night’s staggering horror in Nice, more police murders, the shooting of a black therapist working with an autistic patient, my heart and  head find it nearly impossible to concentrate solely on the planning and funding of this upcoming paddle for clean water.

My friend, Krissy Halkes, former awesome chapter chair of our South Jersey Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, has this awesome saying she adopted, forget from whom, “oh, can’t we all get a long board.” Yea, I SO wish for that. I think we’ll get along a hella lot better if we sit back and really think about what other folks experience in their lives on a daily basis. After the tragedy at the Pulse, one of my friends shared a beautiful post on her Facebook page about her experiences of growing up gay. Then today I just found another Facebook post, via Twitter, about a black man’s experience growing up as well, black. Both of these Facebook statuses should be required reading for everyone in this country. Sitting down with folks who have different life experiences and really listening, really absorbing what is being said is the very first step to making things better.

And yea, I wish we could all get a long board and get out on the water together. But first, we gotta make sure there’s access for everyone, and we have to make sure that that water is clean. In so many places, it isn’t and of course NOTHING kills access faster than dirty water.

Please help me make a big stink this summer for our rivers, lakes, bays, creeks, swamps, and my personal favorite playground, the ocean. And of course no one wants to drink dirty water, either! But I can’t do this alone. It takes all of  our voices and our commitment and yea, even our money (and heck, for a PR campaign for our waterways and the amazing groups working so hard to keep them clean and healthy, this is pretty stinking cheap). Please be a part of this journey for clean rivers and a healthy ocean with a donation today–oh oh oh–and like the title of this blog says, there is a matching grant for up to $2000! This means if you help me get to $2000, I’ll be really getting $4000! This offer is only good to the end of the month!! And if you can’t donate, please get out there and take part in some way to help make things better, and perhaps share this blog and beg with others. Thank you!


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