#CleanWaterWednesday, vote for this journey, & #BlueNotes147

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a #cleanwaterwednesday post. Not that I don’t have anything to write about, I do (especially the AMAZING #RiverRally2016 I was lucky enough to attend), but I’ve been in such a flurry with this upcoming paddle, our Philadelphia Outrigger Canoe Club race, and a few other things, that I’ve been feeling a tad overwhelmed, mostly attributable, tho, to my absolutely sucky skills at fundraising. If you wish to alleviate some of my stress and help make this paddle for our fresh water and ocean possible, please consider donating here. Absolutely NO amount is too small.

Oh yea, and please please PLEASE, if you can’t donate $, please donate a few seconds and vote for my Chicago to New Orleans trip (#CHI2NOLA) at this site. You hafta scroll down to the “canoe category.” And while your at it, please vote for my friend Kristin Thomas who will embark on an amazing SUP journey (in the SUP category). She’s going to paddle in Bhutan and Nepal!! Yes, I DO think the world would be a better place if more folks could take to the waterways and have amazing life-changing adventures. 

Anyway, I figured I’d sorta cheat with today’s blog. I’m gonna lift it from David Helvarg’s #BlueNotes147, which is a great little newsletter about all things ocean. Helvarg is the president and founder of Blue Frontier, of which I am a project. Here is the snippet I’m lifting…     (please note I’m STILL tweaking the beginning part of the route..I could very well just do the whole Sanitary Canal, portage over the fish fence, and keep going and never set a toe in the Des Moines River…keep fingers crossed!)

Margo goes “Down the Mississippi…

…to the Gulf of Mexico.” At least that’s how the Jimmy Driftwood song “Battle of New Orleans” goes. Starting in August, Blue Frontier’s Field Organizer and Explorer Margo Pellegrino will complete the second part of her New York to New Orleans one-woman outrigger paddle that started last summer on the Hudson River, then through the Erie Canal and Across the Great Lakes. This summer’s circuitous paddle will take her out of Chicago via the Sanitary Canal. Then the Des Plaines River, the Illinois, the mighty Mississippi then back upstream on the Ohio and Tennessee into Kentucky Lake, then down the Tombigbee Canal to Mobile Alabama and along the coastal bays, bayous and estuaries to New Orleans.

IMG_2091[photos: Ruth Petzold..and yes, I AM wearing an inflatable MTI PFD with an ACR PLB (personal location beacon) around my waist.

Sure it’s an adventure but it’s also about campaigning for clean water and helping out local organizations along the way working on local issues from water quality and establishing blue waterways to healthy coasts and oceans. After linking various watershed, riverfront and coastal groups in the common cause of clean water we hope Margo will lead a flotilla to DC next spring for our next Blue Vision Summit.

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