Woohooo! My first ever fundraising event!

What a rainy week we are having here in NJ.  I’m kind of thankful for it, tho, as I’ve been inside working on this summer’s paddle plans. Well, trying to work on them, anyway, but with lack of physical activity sometimes comes lack of focus. At least in my case. It’s all too easy to get distracted with domestic chores and the creatures that inhabit this place. At least we no longer have the mice (and their progeny) we caught in our have-a-heart trap, so that’s a few less creatures…

In an effort to keep my family from being fiscally ravaged by my volunteer endeavors, I do need to pass the hat around and ask for a few coins. I cannot thank enough the folks who have donated already and the ones who  are sponsoring this first ever fundraising event. It would honestly mean the world to me if we could have a good turn out for this. It really will take all of us to protect our ocean and our fresh water resources, and your donation would help make this possible.

This gathering will take place on Sunday, May 15th at the Kula Cafe, 1201 Springwood Ave., Asbury Park, NJ. You can check out their FB page here.

Since the amazing restaurant that is hosting this event uses plastic glasses, I’m bringing my own-reusable plastic and glassware to use instead. The glassware I’ll recycle at the end of the evening and of course I’ll be washing the plastic-wear. Please feel free to bring along your own reusable glasses or mugs for beverages.

If you wish to help in this clean water paddle project but can’t make it to this event, please know that there will be another down at the Jersey shore, anywhere from LBI on down, as well as one in the Medford/Mt.Holly area. There might even be a location in Philly as well. If you’re reading this and can’t make it out and want to help with a donation please visit the donations page set up for this project. You can do that by clicking here. Thank you so much!!!

For the OCEAN!






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