Water. Too important to NOT be an election issue.

So many thoughts swirl around in my head right now, too many, really, to make a concise, pleasant blog for folks to read. Suffice to say with all the news about water issues, locally (even in nearby Moorestown, NJ! ) as well as globally, we can no longer afford to ignore what will most certainly cause huge problems for our children in the future and which are actually causing HUGE issues right now.

Never before has it been more crucial to understand what we are doing to our fresh water and our ocean, both in terms of the contaminants we can see in our waterways, like trash, especially plastic, as well as the stuff we don’t see, like hormones, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fungicides, and even chemicals related to fracking.

Our ailing aging infrastructure also needs addressing, like, yesterday. I would place a huge bet on the potential for intense numbers of jobs created by replacing aging, contaminating water infrastructure. Do I even need links to the Flint, MI, debacle/travesty which is but one sampling of water infrastructure problems facing our aging cities? Just in case I do, here’s a link.

Then there are the flip sided issues of drought and flooding, which we can expect to see more of due to climate change, that must be tossed out into the realm of important things to be discussed by election year hopefuls.

Even without the discussion of climate change, how we handle the impending, multi-faceted issues of water protection, conservation, and infrastructure need to be a topic of debate this Presidential election year. After all, as an ocean activist, the BEST way to protect the ocean that is downstream of all of us is to work on upstream issues.

Please consider making a donation to help get this message out loud and clear to our election year hopefuls as well as to the general public, especially those that might take it a little bit for granted that that water they are thirstily gulping down is clean. Clicking anywhere on this form will take you to the donation spot!! No amount is too small!! Thank you!!

#water #cleanwaterwednesday #goes2ocean #paddle

(photo is of “Julia taking the plunge on Christmas”)





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