back at it

Jason Howell and his “up for anything Piney” friends crunching thru an iced-up Mullica.

I’ve got some crazy friends, and some of them paddle, too. One of them, known as “Distressed Mullet,” aka John Beausang. He’s got a blog/on-line mag devoted to the love of SUP. I highly recommend it, and if you’ve got used gear to sell it’s worth contacting him and advertising whatever it is you’re selling there. There’s also good paddling info, like his recent article on safety.

John can sometimes be a little crazy. Not bad crazy, but crazy about paddling and thinking up challenges and dreaming up events, like the Carolina Cup, which he started with a bunch of other paddle nuts in Wrightsville Beach, NC. The Carolina Cup has since grown into the East Coast’s “must do” SUP race. It’s got something for everyone–three races, the Graveyard (13 miles), the Money Island Race (6 miles), I think a 3 mile race and a fun kids race. There are clinics and demos and vendors and everyone comes out–even from Australia and Hawaii and of course the West Coast! If John and his friends weren’t so crazy about paddling this awesome event wouldn’t have happened. So crazy is good.

Anyway, so John thought up another crazy challenge/event/whatever you want to call it. Well, he’s calling it the Mulletkai, and it looks like he’s expecting to do this more than just this year, too, since in his blog he’s calling it the “First Annual Epic Mulletkai.” He first announced it on the 100/100 Paddle Challenge, which is another crazy thing I believe the Mullet and/or his friends were involved in starting. This 100/100 Paddle Challenge (100 miles/100 days) serves to motivate or egg on those of us in the paddle community who think we might want to slack off a little with our paddling in the winter months. It was a bummer to sit out the first round of their paddle-antics due to tennis elbow, but now that they have another challenge going, I’m back at it, as much as one can be back at it in the winter in NJ. Fortunately, though, it’s been pretty warm. And this past week I actually managed to get out and paddle my OC1! It was even so warm I took my top down and was paddling in my bikini top. That is unheard of normally, at this time of year. It’s a good thing I could bring out the outrigger, as I secretly am hoping to do 500 mi in the 100 days. It’s gonna be a challenge…


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