My Christmas Wish

On Monday I thought I’d write a “Mindful Monday” post but distractions had me running amok and it didn’t happen. So much for my experimentation into the realm of mindfulness; I won’t give up, tho. While I sit here and contemplate the direction to take this entry, Carl helps Julia with her math while a bird sips from whatever is left at the bottom of the mugs on the counter, hopping from one mug to the next. And then the bird poops on Julia’s homework. And now Friday morning quickly dissolves into Friday afternoon.

It is so easy to get distracted, busy with the day’s tasks, the worries, the chores (and Christmas!), never mind the overflow of information on the internet, the emails, the newspaper (if you still get one). Oh yea, and never mind the news- both on the standard TV stations and cable (remember when that was supposed to be “commercial free??”) where the news helps guide our emotions to various states of rage and helplessness and fear, with this fear, depending on the news station, carefully honed to make folks mad at, and suspicious of, one group of people or another.

And there are truly horrible things to be concerned about. The racism that still exists in this country, the strife that continues unabated in the Middle East, the people who once had stable, rather predictable lives but who are now leaving en masse from their homes, the countries who refuse to take them, including many of our governors in the US, because of fear of the few which too often translates into acts of hate against US citizens who practice Islam. While people’s attentions go to the threat of terrorists, we have other issues that are harder to quantify that will more than likely make terrorism pale in comparison.  And no, I’m not talking about what the government also counts as a threat, like activists, whether they are for equality, labor rights, the environment, or all of the above. I’m talking about things like coral bleaching, water issues, even right here in NJ, poverty and the increasing dichotomy between the rich and the poor in this country, never mind worldwide, the instability created by devoting resources (money, people, time, energy) to projects that in the end, will ruin other resources on which we all depend for our livelihoods and life. Disclaimer here-I’m pretty partial to our ocean and fresh water resources, plus, I like to drink CLEAN water, so that is my primary focus.

Ah, focus.

If I had a Christmas wish for this Christmas, and for the new year, I’d wish for people to realize where we are heading as a species, understand the legacy we leave our children, and how we are threatening and wasting our resources, particularly our ocean and finite fresh water, on silliness–wars, continued investments in fossil fuel infrastructure, politics, politicians and the divisions they deliberately exacerbate and grow while we all fester and burn–that prevents us from focusing on issues that should unite us. We simply cannot live, or have healthy lives, if we don’t have clean water and a healthy ocean.   We should do all in our power to protect our shared ocean and the fresh water which flows into it. The recent UN Climate Conference in Paris shows that globally, we can unite on an issue that impacts us all, but we sure do need so much more, and we need it like, yesterday.






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