Day 50 – Muskegon to Macatawa

Sitting tight in Macatawa
Sitting tight in Macatawa

Thunder crashes overhead and rain falls with varying intensity as I read this. Jessica and I are happily holing up at Karen Holt’s lovely home in Holland, MI. I was hoping to get out and dodge the lightning, but really, no way today- So gonna sit tight and enjoy the area and conversations with Karen and Jessica.

Yesterday’s paddle stretch found me in the most pleasure boat heavy traffic yet on the hottest day yet I’ve had. I even pulled off my wetsuit booties! From Muskegon to here at the mouth of Lake Macatawa, I could not believe how Barnegat Bay-like the boat congestion was. The jetski riders get in super close at high speeds; I watched one guy do spins and things while seemingly totally oblivious to a young 8 or 9 year old gal on a SUP board who struggled with his wake. I witnessed two adults in a boat, sitting in the front seats looking forward while driving top speed with two kids hanging on to the flying raft/inner tube thing being giving a ride behind. How could you have kids on that thing and not have your eyes glued to them? This stretch of boating mayhem became especially condensed near Lake Macatawa’s entrance. The beaches were packed as well, anyone and everyone it seemed, was either near or in the water.

Fortunately I didn’t have to paddle very far into the lake to park the boat, where it is upside down and should be protected from high winds if any kick up with those storm front. It’s also a short walk to Karen’s wonderful cabin. Last night she entertained us with much food-all of it good, and all of it vegetarian. Kinda feel like I should be putting together a cook book! Wow-just had a really big rumble of thunder that shook the bed I’m still hanging out on as a write this.

Karen’s son, Erik, and his wife, Heather, joined us for dinner as well. We had a great time and lively conversation ranging from unions and  conservation to the follies of humanity and more while I stuffed myself on cornbread and goulash, salad, and then my favorite-key lime pie! Not a bad place to be holed up a day in at all. One of the hardest parts of this journey is leaving the wonderful folks we meet, so it’s nice when the weather calls the shots and forces you to sit out a day. Gives us a little time to recoup, rest the body, and soak in the people and the place.

Don’t know how much strolling around town we’ll get to do since it’s pouring out, but that’s okay, I need to work on a few things so some sitting (not in a boat) is required.

One thought on “Day 50 – Muskegon to Macatawa

  1. i really think you should put together a cook book based on the trips…..stories of each days paddle and the meals at the end of each day……i see three volumes one for each trip: up the east coast, down the west coast and across the north coast…………

    stay safe!


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