Day 49 – Pentwater to Muskegon

sunrise in Muskegon
sunrise in Muskegon

In a little bit of heaven right now, here in Muskegon, at the Bluffton Boathouse, where our hosts have us in their home while they stay across the street. The water laps outside at the bulkhead just feet from the bed, and the boats make gentle clanking noises as the ripples send then gently  swaying. This sweet little home actually was a boathouse, once upon a time. You could drive a boat right into it. Now it’s the home of Jon and Jessica Ledsworth who race and sail out of the Muskegon Yacht Club just a stone’s throw down the street.

We grabbed a wonderful dinner, thank you MYC and Kim Nguyen, the general manager there, for arranging that. I completely gorged myself, as usual! Dinner conversation with sailors is always lively-from the events of the day- Jon and Jessica and the rest of their crew sailed their Melges 24 to victory in a local race-plus more funny events post race involving someone going for a swim and more, to issues concerning sustainability and shrinking one’s footprint.

I actually ran into these guys in the water as I paddled by. They had hung out a bit at the race end and then meandered back out to sail down to their home port. The wind had by then, totally died, so they were forced to use their motor. I knew there was a race going on, and had seen the sailboats, this one, tho, was kinda hanging out and back from the crowd heading back down to Muskegon. There was a lot of hooting and hollering going on, it sounded like a good time, but I also was wondering a tiny bit if I should maybe flag down a boat to go check on them. It seemed more happy noises than not, and only when I got back to land did I discover they were yelling for me-they had seen my low lying little canoe. Such a fun crowd!

Later on they came a bit nearer to me so I paddled over-and discovered our hosts on the boat! How funny is that. So I had a sailboat escort in for the last five miles or so. Jon and Jessica plan to live on a sailboat for a couple of years in the Caribbean at some point.  That would totally be my dream-to live on a boat, which is kind of like this little cute home. Now to convince Carl….

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