Day 48 – Manistee to Pentwater

readying to head out from Pentwater
readying to head out from Pentwater

Once again,  Stacie Draher-Dimick found Jessica and me wonderful hosts and people-this time in Pentwater. Currently we are in a little rustic cabin by a pretty little stream. Coyotes call out to one another; so close they are that you can hear their throaty little punctuations at the end of their calls, which sound like little growly rumbles, when strolling to the outhouse.

The cabin belongs to Joe and Judy Primozich, who treated us to a tasty dinner, wine, and snacks and a round table table discussion of the paddle with their friends of the Pentwater Lake Association ( Joe, who is the current president of the association, has a wonderful bunch of neighbors and friends, who are all very much interested in the waterways in which they boat-whether it be with a motor or without.

While we are enjoying the peace and quiet of the cabin tucked in the woods, my canoe is back at the home of Norma and Hank Oly who are right on the lake. They provided the welcoming party at their beach with their young grand daughter and her local friends. So nice to come in on a quiet little beach like that, and once again thanks so much for Stacie for arranging all this! Jessica and I are so lucky!!

Yesterday’s paddle was gorgeous, juts of land and hills. Around Ludington three kids had lost power on their jetski, so I lent them my spare paddle. It was a little slow going until the littlest kid knocked her brother off the jestski in what turned our to be shallow (but freezing) water. Then he opted to just push the jetski back to shore. Always good to have a spare paddle!

I am looking forward to getting an early start today as this is another longish paddle with light wind in my face. Heading toward Muskegon.


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