Day 47 – Frankfort to Manistee

Heading out from Manistee
Heading out from Manistee

What a day! Started out on Michigan glass- flat flat water where off in the distance the ocean/lake melded into the sky. Eric E. Haas, our host for two nights, joined me for the first ten miles. Then it was a scenic paddle with the last of the dunes on my left, hardly a wind, and just beautiful blue sky and ocean/lake all around.

A family in kayaks from south of Buffalo met me on the water and joined me for a bit before heading off onto their own adventures down the river to the smaller inland lake. Michigan has lots of smaller lakes and rivers right off of Lake Michigan. Such variety here, of waters! Eric’s amazing family compound, in their family for close to 100 years, is also on an “inland” lake as opposed to the ocean lake-I feel the need to call it that because the Great Lakes are really inland oceans. They must be seen to be believed.

There was a landing crew, including city officials like Patrick Kay, Executive Director of the Manistee Main Street Downtown Development Authority and Kathryn Kenny, Executive Director of the Manistee County Visitors Bureau. Patrick went all out for us-we were hosted by the Ramsdell Inn where we enjoyed pre-dinner snacks and local brew at TJ’s Pub, conveniently located below the hotel. We had some time before dinner to browse the shops of Manistee and pick up a few items for folks back home.


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