Day 45 – Northport to Leland

Sand dunes below Traverse City
Sand dunes below Traverse City

More wind battles ahead! I wish I could have this wind on the straight away portion of Lake Michigan, below Frankfort,  rather than at this section, but hey, “you get what you get and you don’t get upset.” The nature of the geography here is full if bumps and coves, and will have me taking a southwesterly line rather than an all out straight south line. If I hug the shore I actually would be heading into the north for some bits, so straight lines with wind broadsiding me will be the norm today, I’m thinking! We’ll see how far I get-tonight’s host has made a list of take-outs, so just in case I need to bail, I’ve got places to bail!

Jessica and I crashed the home of the Hausler’s. Karl worked with soil and watershed stuff-his specialty was managing storm water run-off. Stacie Draher-Dimick had reached out to Maia, Karl’s daughter, who works for Leelanau Conservancy, for hosting. Thankfully for us they let us crash their amazing home. Fortunately for us, our stay coincided with Maia’s weekly “pot luck” Monday, which not only produced amazing food-including fresh, local, organic arugula that Maia’s friend, Brennan, brought-but lively conversation as well. We story swapped and enjoyed the local brew-Shorts IPA is outstanding!-til late into the night with Nathan, Kaitlin, Maia’s sister, Brennan, and Mary and her boyfriend, Joseph. Karl joked that Jesus was going to be coming soon as well. And so the night went!

In addition to working for the Conservancy, Maia also sells postcards and artwork she does. You can check out her work, which features wildlife and plants, at I’m hoping she has time to do a blog for paddle4blue, so please keep a look out for that!

At present, Jessica and I are grabbing breakfast to go at The Early Bird, where we brought our own “to go” containers ’cause we refuse to use styro. Heard good things about this place so we are looking forward to refueling before this broadsiding downwinder.


One thought on “Day 45 – Northport to Leland

  1. Hey Margo! Hope the paddle goes well today! It was a pleasure having you and Jessica stay with us. You are welcome back anytime. I’m working on some blog ideas, so I will let you know.


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