Day 44 – Harbor Springs to Northport

I knew it could be done!
I knew it could be done!

Sketchy service here in Michigan-who woulda thought. If Jessica or I are slow to respond to email, FB, etc, etc, it’s because coastal Michigan is the perfect place to disconnect, even when you don’t want to! So please please don’t hesitate to call our cells if we don’t respond in a timely manner. Hopefully we’ll have service. Generally speaking, I have pretty decent service on the water. Maybe I should just send out emails and etc from the water.

I also need to send a huge thank you to Stacie Draher-Dimick, who helped guide me to my landing spot – via yesterday’s virtual mission control from a computer and phone in Port Huron.  With Jess in a communication network black hole, low visibility on the water, and a revised and mis-entered coordinate in my GPS, Stacie was able to follow my SPOT track online, and help navigate me to my landing spot in Northport.  This is in addition to serving as my virtual “travel agent” too.  She knew some people north of Port Huron in the eastern side, and reached out to line up some hosting for me.  But even after she’s been fresh out of personal contacts as I moved further up Lake Huron and now rounded onto the Michigan’s western shore – she’s made it her mission to continue to find Jess & me (and – at times – my entire family!) a host to welcome us in.  She hasn’t left us unhosted for even one night during the entire Michigan circumnavigation, despite not knowing anybody for most the of my route.  She’s been an amazing supporter and ally and I can’t thank her enough.

Courtesy Stacie, we are here camping at Ahgostatown RV and Marina, close to Northport, where our hosts Joan and Mike Tenbrock are letting us pitch our tents-it is a lovely, quiet little spot. I could have paddled right up to it, but didn’t want to tack any more miles into the next day’s paddle.  The forecast calls for much wind out of the SW which will push me up from Northport to the lighthouse but slam me in my face once I round the bend. Oh joy! But it has to be done because if forecasts are right I’ll have a total downwinder tomorrow for a close to 50 mile paddle. Can’t believe that Jessica and I are in the final two weeks of this trip. It seems like I’ve been on the water forever, and I’m really missing the family-the humans and the feathered/furred folks as well.

I have a feeling I’ve also missed the funeral service for my Aunt, who died earlier on in this trip. She was my late father’s oldest sister, and a kindred adventuresome spirit which she instilled in all of my cousins. It’s been extra hard on this journey to keep up with the family goings on, and my poor mother, with my 101 year old grandmother in the throws of dementia, is basically dealing with all the family trials and tribulations by herself. At less when I’m home I can share some of those with her, and we can console each other. Life is a crazy journey, no matter where you find your feet.


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