Day 43 – Wilderness State Park to Harbor Springs

Coming into Harbor Springs, escorted by my family on Jane Enterline's boat
Coming into Harbor Springs, escorted by my family

Wendy of the Wilderness Park General Store helped us secure last night’s host here in Petosky at the new “Cycle Inn.” Judy Revallo is just getting started running her cozy bed and breakfast here. It is super sweet and intimate-but very private for folks in the upstairs with two rooms and their own bathroom. She’s also wonderfully flexible-we hung out a little too long at Jane’s beach and didn’t get here til after 11pm. So poor Judy is now also as sleep deprived as we are! I’m super stoked that all of her food offerings are organic and local grown. She’s got a wonderful backyard where she grows berries and herbs, and she shops almost exclusively at farmer’s markets. This would be a perfect rest stop before biking to Wilderness Park and beyond to Presque Isle and Rogers City area, which I think should be on any bikers tour of this region. Definitely bike in to Manitou Shores and North Bay B&B! In addition to being a wonderful hostess, Judy is also a massage therapist, so those cycling in to the “Cycle Inn” can enjoy an incredibly relaxing a a therapeutic massage. Next time we are in this neck if the woods I’m totally arranging for one!

Yesterday Jane and her friend and aunt, Ruth Petzold, plus my family and Jessica, met me on the water as I paddled into their beach. Jane’s father developed the land around it where Jane now has a condo. It is simply lovely. Set in the woods where it completely fits in and makes use of the natural beauty of the area. Trees are left in place and there are no lawns. It is simply gorgeous and makes me wonder why lawns ever became a fixture. Not only is the run off the problem but who wants to fiddle with a lawn? Anyway, L’abre Croche makes me think of low impact Steinhatchee Landing on the Gulf Coast of Florida-simply gorgeous. The walk through the woods to the beach is a real treat! I’m keeping an eye in the winds and weather. The sailors for next weekend’s race will be having a blast if the wind predictions hold. That wind will be CRANKING! Am guessing if it’s going to blow out of the south, I’ll have another “sit out” day. We shall see-I’m hoping for the same but in the direction I’m going, but alas, with the wind and weather, “you get what you get and you don’t get upset.”

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