Day 41 – Rogers City to Cheboygan

The shores of Lake Huron from Denny's back yard
The shores of Lake Huron from Denny’s back yard

I can’t believe that yesterday was my next to last day on Lake Huron, I now travel into the Straits of Mackinaw (and over an aging pair of pipelines, to boot! ) Today I paddle into Lake Michigan where I’m headed into Wilderness Park to what appears to be an event organized by Wendy who manages the general store at my destination there.  It seems like she has been rustling up all sorts of support and fanfare! After yesterday’s slog against wind I’m looking forward to today’s sunny paddle with light and variable wind! Let’s hope it holds!

I can’t wait to meet Wendy-she sounds so enthusiastic and fun. Jim Anderson originally reached out to her, or he suggested Stacie Draher-Dimick reach out to her a little while back, now things are all falling in place. Funny how that is. While Jessica and I were hosted at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary dorms, Jim Anderson, of the Friends of the Lake Huron Watershed, hosted my boat for the night so I could directly cross Thunder Bay. He also made sure we didn’t depart without waterproofed maps of the Great Lakes and of the specific parts through which I’ll be paddling. He owns Anderson Advertising and Illustration, so I’m guessing those maps will also be great place mats when I get home! In addition to that, he did some press outreach for us and scored a little spot on TV as well as a feature in the local paper. Once again, this paddle and its message is a group effort-it takes all of us to care for and protect our water!

Today I leave the very gorgeous home of Dr. Denny and Peggy Paull. Denny came out to meet me on the water and fortunately it was closer to the end, when I was out of the gusty chop. I’d hate to think of torturing others in those conditions, plus I go slow, and Denny is pretty fast! I think today or tomorrow another fast paddler will be joining me. Am loving the company on the water!

Getting ready to gear up, eat, and head out! So looking forward to seeing my crazy family again. They were en route yesterday and hoping to make it today sometime. Cannot wait!


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