Day 39 – Sanborn Township to Presque Isle

Sunset at Presque Isle
Sunset at Presque Isle

Once again Jessica and I are staying with wonderful hosts who will be so hard to leave! Neil and Carla Dietlin own and run the gorgeous North Bay Bed & Breakfast here in North Bay, Presque Isle. This area is very, very sparsely populated, cell service is only available on the water, so wifi is a must. But if you want to escape technology, slow down and reconnect with your spouse, your friends, or just retreat away by yourself, and just chill with no distractions in an absolutely gorgeous setting on the water, catch sunrises AND sunsets on the water, dive a nearby wreck, climb a lighthouse, and relax on the beach, this is THE place to be. It is quiet and it is beautiful!

It is also super sweet that the nearby restaurant, the one and only, has some pretty decent affordable sandwiches mixed in with their pricier fair. Neil and Carla are real people folk-they love to swap stories and their lively banter rivals any comedy shop around. They’ve been married 50 years and being at their place is like coming home-as Neil said, “if you don’t make yourself at home it’s your own fault.” Neil certainly made it easy for me, greeting me with a beer upon landing here, right on the beach. I actually got off the water earlier yesterday on a longer day with the wind at my back than I did on Monday’s shorter day. Who knew if have such awesome downwinders on the Great Lakes/Inland Ocean! Getting here early allowed us time to have a tour of Neil and Carla’s home, where all the wood in it was milled on site from the trees that came down to make room for their lovely home. Neil did much of the wood work himself, including the walkway out to the beach. Just lovely!

After dinner we sat around a bonfire on the beach with Neil and Carla and their friends along with another couple who were guests, one of whom entertained us with his guitar and voice. Nothing beats hanging by the fire pit, good conversation with wonderful people,  s’mores, some wine and live music! Top that off with the beautiful sunset and wow-I am so hoping our little group from home can make it up here to just chill and relax! Definitely bring boards and wetsuits because the opportunities for SUP and diving abound. Leaving kids and dogs at home will give any stressed out parent a time to recharge and regroup.

Neil mentioned the battles here the local folks fight with a sand quarry nearby. I definitely need to get the details on that, but once again, it’s a battle over water. The company’s water use has impacted the surrounding wells and now residents along one of the lakes are concerned with the impact on that as well as the quarry looks to expand. As usual,  politics also play a role as residents and constituents have no place to turn to for recourse because of, well, you know! You and I are no match for corporate money and well, hell, when ” money=voice” this is what you get!


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