Day 38 – Greenbush to Sanborn Township

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Just a quick little blog today- Jessica and I are guests of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the nation’s ONLY freshwater marine sanctuary and the only one in the Great Lakes. I’d definitely suggest a visit here. The science center has wonderful displays, there is a small theater to hang out in. And watch informative and interesting videos while waiting for a glass bottom boat tour, which I’m so happy I could join the family on on Saturday.

Stephanie Gandulla, the media coordinator and maritime archeologist here at Thunder Bay NMS, arranged for us to stay at the dorms there. We got to hang out for a little bit with the folks from CMU (Central Michigan University) who were also there working on a project across the bay. Am kicking myself for not finding more out about it but I did grab the card of Dr. Sarah Surface-Evans, who was leading the group, so I can pester her about it and add to this blog.

Jessica and I are so lucky! We are now heading back to the home of Jim Anderson, who is with the Friends of the Lake Huron Watershed. My boat is waiting for me on the beach there for me. I know I shoulda been on the water already to take advantage of flat, glassy water and good visibility but… usual, so hard to leave such wonderful folks-the CMU people and Stephanie of the NOAA NMS at Thunder Bay.


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