Day 32 – Port Salinac to Harbor Beach

The cabins at Harbor Beach
The cabins at Harbor Beach at daybreak

So yesterday was the changing of the guard and now it’s Jessica Besock’s turn for some crazy adventure! And it sure will be especially now that my family has come out to join me-happy belated Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there.  Carl spent his driving out to meet me and grabbing a phone for Jessica because cell service here seems to be nonexistent unless you have Verizon.

We are in the little town of Harbor Beach, with a power plant and a Dow Chemical facility smack I the middle of town. There are some decent good options for “regular” eaters but if you are vegetarian it’s a little sparse. We did find our way to Ernesto’s Pizzeria where I could grab a vegetarian hoagie! Lindsy and I had made a deal – if she gave up plastic bags and plastic water bottles I’d go vegetarian for the trip. Might just keep it up when I go home, too! Anyway, after the pizza we ambled over to The Anchorage for ice cream. I count ice cream as a means of hydration as well as a food!

I think this little town here will do well to accentuate it’s waterfront-as to seems to be doing. They have a great little harbor area and cabins to rent. We are actually being hosted by the folks who have the cabins. It really is super sweet and we are loving having the entire family together. I’ve missed these crazy people!

It would be neat to come back to Harbor Beach and see where it is in five years. I kinda think it will see a boost with the focus on it’s waterfront. According to Jessica it has a wonderful little coffee shop in town as well. There are some cool looking antique shops that might also be worth a visit for some “finds.”

Billy brought up his electric skateboard and enjoyed zipping into town on it. The kid cracks me up. He and Julia and Carl managed to NOT eat the cookies Julia made the whole entire way up here. They were pretty impressive cookies! Chocolate chip! Yum!

I’m eager to get on the water today to head to Port Austin. There are storms that will be popping up later and winds will be cranking. I’m looking forward to a good South wind to blast me around the thumb and over to Port Austin. It cracks me up how people hold up their hands-the back of their left hand-because lower Michigan looks like a mitten-to show me where I’m going or where they live. If the weather is correct, I’ll more than likely be staying at Port Austin for two days. Wind is predicted to be very stiff out of the West tomorrow, kinda killing the notion of heading across the mouth of Saginaw bay that day. I might hop over to Caseville, but I dunno-will check the charts and all. But it might be worth it to lop off a few miles and put me at a better line to cross the bay. We shall see!

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