Day 31- Port Huron to Port Sanilac (and changing of the guard)

Changing of the guard.  Today Jessica Besock takes the post of logistics manager from Lindsy.
Changing of the guard. Today Jessica Besock takes the post of logistics manager from Lindsy.

Today I’m sadly losing Lindsy Coon as my indefatigable logistics manager. She is a whiz at dealing with information flying at her from a variety of sources-email, social media, phones, in person chats, you name it, she’s been organizing it. She is responsible for setting up our new email account, that multiple eyes can view- it is paddle4blue at gmail dot com. So someone should always respond promptly to that! Kinda sorta!

No matter what poo might be hitting the fan, Lindsy calmly rolled on and dealt with the bumps in the road that invariably come with this territory. Definitely the type of person you want as a team member in a crazy adventure such as this when you don’t often know where you’re sleeping that night until sometimes twenty minutes before you’re there. It is a crazy gig, with lots of loose ends that don’t get firmed up til the very last minute. And then there’s me and my chronic lateness and absentminded nature to deal with!  Perhaps that is the greatest challenge of all!

Lindsy has been able to learn on the fly and seek out creative solutions when there are no obvious answers to our logistics problems. She has been able to deal very well, and always with a pleasant demeanor, with the variety of personalities we encounter. I will miss her!

Jess will add her own unique flair to this crazy adventure, I can already tell! She basically took the bull by the horns and made the long drive out so she could make the “switching of the guard” an easier event than it was looking to be. I’m so glad she did that, as Lindsy could get her up to speed on the current logistics and social media stuff we’ve got going on. Since arriving in Michigan it has been pretty much non-stop. Michiganders LOVE their state and LOVE their Great Lakes!

Right now we are being treated to a wonderful stay by the owners of the Three Sisters Inn. Diana and Les Habkirk have been in the B&B and cottage rental business for 25 years and are making us breakfast as I write this at their gorgeous rental cottage here in beautiful Port Sanilac. What a treat it was just to paddle in to the perfect little beach here! Another place we know will be tough to leave – so many places to come back to!


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