Day 29 – Detroit to Algonac

Sunset over Harsens Island.
Sunset over Harsens Island.

Currently Lindsy and I are at the Riverside Grocery in Harsens Island. Stuffed ourselves silly on pizza and “boat knots” which are yummy bits of fried dough stuffed with various things. And ginger soda! Jim Neumann and his wife, Laura, run his grocery store and more here in the “Key West” of Southern Michigan. They even are using the original recipe for the “boat knots” this place is famous for. Riverside Grocery is the perfect destination to paddle to if you feel like transiting the shipping channel of Lake St. Clair from Detroit to here. His FB page is here-
Website is here-

Jim has some pretty big plans for this place – definitely a place to visit and come back to and watch grow. He is an avid waterman and we are so lucky to have ended up here! At some places in the Cleveland area and even a little before, Lindsy and I have found ourselves among an amazing network of paddlers.  Our accommodations last night were courtesy of Don Seauvageau, who had arranged for out hotel room.

We’ve also been helped a ton by Uli Sherer and Stacie Draher, two avid paddlers here in Michigan. I believe Uli might be one of the organizers for the Epic kayak tour – She’s so modest, her friend, Jim, who we are staying with, told us she’s a past Olympic paddler! And apparently she still out there kicking butt! I do hope I can meet up with her and maybe get to paddle with her tho I’m sure I’ll be slowing her down. Oh, the Facebook page for the Epic paddle relay is here-

The battle of the invasives! I never thought of the ramifications of phragmites on freshwater systems before until landing here at Harsens Island where Jim pointed out how waterways are being taken over by these reeds. In our salt marshes at home in New Jersey, the phragmites don’t really seem to take over the waterways.  They pretty much stay on land. But here they are entering the water, choking off access and taking over the shallow bays. Jim told me that they have lost quite a bit of their back bays here in this area, which he also told me, it is one of the largest fresh water deltas in the world!  The largest freshwater inland river delta is the Peace – Athabasca Delta in Alberta. It is 1,200 square miles or almost three times larger than Lake St. Clair.
Anyway, this is a super short blog because I’m hoping I can get on the beautiful and insanely clear water sorta soon. It is raining, so that’s a bummer, but hey, I’m waterproof! Today will be a slow slog against much current. According to Jim I could get a push up the entire river if I can catch one good tanker wake. I’m hoping I’m so lucky!

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