Day 28 – Lake Erie Metropark to Detroit

One of the toughest challenges of this trip is leaving the homes of our wonderful hosts. Ingo Griessmann completely spoiled us-once again I’m leaving so stuffed from a fabulous dinner and breakfast that I can’t even think about packing lunch. Yesterday all that I had eaten completely carried me through about seven hours of paddling. Check out what Ingo is up to to grow his 18 month old Surfrider Chapter, and please consider joining this awesome org!!

Yesterday’s paddle was perfect, despite the slog against the current and wind. How novel to not hafta worry about thunderstorms!

Anyway, due to my late start and my gift of gab, this blog is super super short. Am including two links that I think pretty much sum up this stop-tho that’s kinda a shame because Detroit is a fabulous waterfront city and NJ and PA could totally take away some lessons here. Make your waterfront accessible to EVERYONE and you can sit back and watch your city thrive. Detroit will be like a Phoenix, I think, BUT, it needs to be made to work for EVERYONE. Clean water all around!

A word about the Columbus water situation. Why should tax payers pay when a polluting industry polluted? How about appropriate set backs from waterways and the lakes instead of millions going to infrastructure? “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


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