Day 27 – Maumee State Park (OH) to Lake Erie Metropark (MI)

They must be Canadians!
They must be Canadians!

Lindsy and I are super lucky to have had so many wonderful hosts who even are willing to put us up (or with us!) for two nights. Such will be the case for Ingo and his wife, Claudia, and their son, Jan. We were overstuffed and over-served and I’m really thankful to be able to paddle today!! Holy mackerel, the amount of food one consumes doing this is really not sustainable!

Because of the way Ingo is super stoked about the Detroit River, I now can’t wait to paddle it.  Like John Vargo raves about the Hudson back in Verplanck and my buddy John Anderson loved the North Branch of the Rancocas back at home, Ingo Griessman eagerly shares his passion for the Detroit River. There is something super awesome that happens when folks become real cheer leaders for the waters in their back yards. Good stuff! Please check out the South Eastern Michigan Chapter of Surfrider Foundation’s website here-
The super stoke that Ingo has for his river makes me feel a whole lot better about paddling it and going against what I’ve been told is a gnarly current. I can’t believe the race against the storms this has been. Glad I was able to shave off a few miles yesterday on today’s paddle, despite the boomers!!
Of course, all this rain means flooding, which has become a regular occurrence, really, everywhere I’ve paddled-even at and especially in my home state, NJ. With this rain, wetlands and streams connect with the larger waterways that they don’t always connect with, bringing lots of nasty stuff along with it. I couldn’t believe the detergent smell that wafted to my nose before I rounded the bend by the nuclear power plant on yesterday’s paddle. Just when I thought I was clear of the muddy and dead-fish smell of the Maumee Bay area. Clearer waters don’t necessarily mean cleaner waters! Will be interesting to see the test results of the water samples I’ve been pulling.
photoAll this flooding and the subsequent dumping of contaminants from the waterways that don’t always connect to our major, navigable waterways ( which are also sources of drinking water) is EXACTLY why we need to make sure the new Clean Water Rules stick! Please, please reach out to your members of Congress and let them know how important it is to have healthy, clean water and there is NO substitute for this basic requirement for life. We need these Clean Water Rules! Holy mackerel, this is actually a cost saving measure; the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” completely applies to our clean water when you think of how this translates into individual health and healthy ecosystems.
Daniel Smith of YouTube channel fame, ,  sent me this very fun video to watch about the Rouge River which dumps into the Detroit river- worth the 15 minute watch, glad I drink plenty of bacteria killing beer and my immune system is in fairly good shape!-

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