So today I’m taking a day even though I could have hopped in the boat and knocked off a few more miles from tomorrow’s paddle. You never know, with this sketchy weather, if you will finish your miles of the day with the storms that have been swirling around. But not today.

I got word today from my husband, Carl, and my cousin, Andy Putscher (the one whose relation in the past was DeWitt Clinton, responsible for the building of the Erie Canal), that her mother, my late father’s oldest sister had died this morning. My heart breaks for her and my cousins. This is not a “club” the “children-who’ve-lost a-beloved-parent-club,” anyone wants to join, no matter how, if the cards are played out according to plan, inevitable it is.

Such a reminder of how short a time we are here for. Such a sad, poignant, painful reminder. Aunt Dot will always be in my memory as a super mom type figure-she and my uncle Dick steered their family to embrace adventure, intellectual discussion and debate, an appreciation of art, creative thinking, a wide breadth of knowledge on so many subjects, an interest in science and how things work, in short, she made up the other half of the team that grew a family full of lively and independent thinkers with a zest for life and adventure.  How much I will miss her will in no way even come close to how much my cousins will miss her, I know.

My heart breaks for them; it is a pain that sometimes you don’t think you can even survive, when you lose a parent, a friend, an ally. I hope that my cousins and their families find some peace and solace knowing that she lives on in their hearts and memories. We must continue to live and love for our loved ones who are no longer here to do so.

One thought on “Today

  1. Imagining your Dad and my Mom, brother and sister, together again in the great beyond, reunited with their own Mom and Dad, all pulling for you, each in their own special way… may they be remembered for a blessing and may they be — as your Carl might choose to sing, — “the wind beneath your wings”…paddle swift, paddle safe, paddle far, do good, and take care, do it well, be true to yourself and your mission,,,For clean water awareness…


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