Day 25 – Huron to Maumee State Park

Leaving Huron
Leaving Huron

Yesterday was quite the downwinder from Huron to the Toledo area, where I landed at a beach area in Maumee State Park. Our hosts, Julie and Joel Stepp, told us there are advisories against swimming in the area right now due to possible bacteria (ecoli! and algae), although this has been on and off. I didn’t see any signs against swimming where I landed, just lots of brown not-appealing water. Such a change from the NY into Ohio part of Lake Erie where the water was  crystal clear!

Just a word to paddlers doing this stretch-on weekends the firing range you go by-after rounding the bend at Marblehead and heading to the nuclear plant south east of Toldedo-has restrictions out to 3 miles off. During the week you need to stay out by the far buoys which are ten miles off, and since they are so far apart, are very hard to see. Not a place you want to accidentally find yourself lost in!

It seemed as if I were looking at the trees at Cedar Point forever. I saw then so far off and yet couldn’t judge my distance to them.  At those times it feels as if you are standing still, so you need to look at other features to give yourself hope that you are still moving forward (or turn on your GPS).  I really got sick of looking at those trees and was super stoked when I finally rounded the point to head to the huge Maumee State Park complex. It was quite the bummer to see such brown muddied water and not the clear stuff you see further east along Lake Erie. I had really wanted to jump in, but after listening to our hosts I’m glad I did not!

So today is a “sit out” day to focus on connecting with others along the rest of the route and give my body a break. I received an email from Diane and Rich, with whom we stayed in Conneaut. They get a waterways newsletter which they sent along to me-apparently parts of the Erie Canal are shut down due high water. Well, we have been chased by storms since the Erie Canal-three weeks of paddling and it seems the last two and the one upcoming are predicting more storms. Check this out on he Erie Canal-glad I went when I did!

So tomorrow I’ll resume my push toward Detroit and beyond!

Oh-and STILL have that Gorilla Tape on my boat! That stuff is awesome!!

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