Day 24 – Lorain to Huron

photo-19Yesterday’s paddle ended up being quite a bit truncated due to storms in the area. That means I’ll be tacking on roughly 15 miles to today’s already longish paddle to Curtice. We shall see how far I can get! One thing to note-I need to avoid Camp Perry and their firing grounds off the top of Marblehead. Yikes! Hopefully the danger zone will be marked.

Last night we were hosted by a nice couple, Ed and Tracey Enderle.  They live on a farm- they’ve got cherry trees all over, crab apple, apricots, corn, strawberries, the list goes on. Lindsy and I grabbed dinner at a very good local restaurant, Birardi’s, so our hosts wouldn’t have to also feed two extra mouths on such short notice. I’ve been totally enjoying  eating the local Lake Erie perch-a much needed protein boost. And very tasty!

While our hosts ate dinner Lindsy and I wandered around the strawberry fields and stuffed ourselves silly on the delicious fruits. Then we came back in and were treated to homemade strawberry milkshakes!

This blog is extra brief because of the extreme need to get on the water super early. But I would be totally remiss if I didn’t thank the dockmaster at the Port of Vermillion for the incredibly delicious coffee! It was just the thing and I am sure hoping that I can find at least a gas station with coffee at this hour.

Today shouldn’t have storms, but it’s looking like the rest of the weekend and early into the week there will be. Oh joy!


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