Day 22 – Fairport Harbor to Euclid Beach Park

photo-17Between wind and thunderstorms it has been a real scratch to get through Lake Erie. Other than the downwind day, yesterday provided some of the most entertaining paddling.  Fortunately there are a lot of harbors to pull into to avoid thunderstorms.

After leaving the marina on Grand River before 8am, I hooked into the beach area to pull over as a thunderstorm rumbled by. This allowed Lindsy and me to grab a breakfast at the Fairport Family Restaurant before heading out. Then it was a duck into the next harbor about three miles away for another hold up while I waited for the storms ahead to clear. All while paddling I watch for lightning as there is too much wind in my ears for me to hear the thunder.

The chop is pretty wild and the wind was blasting-coming up to the power plant between two bail out harbors I wondered if I’d have enough in me to deal with the wind as I rounded the jetty by the power plant. It wouldn’t be ideal to blow out to the middle of Lake Erie. I figured I’d press on as the chop from the wind blowing the water into the jetty would help me battle the wind. It was a hoot! Love being in that stuff and the push from the chop made rounding the bend and subsequent paddle battle closer to shore much faster and way more fun.

Digging into the wind makes one strong, or so that’s what the Swedes say!  Anyway, don’t think the gusts were worse than 30, but always always in the back of my mind is that things could always be way worse.

So far in my travels I haven’t found anyone who supports dirty water. Folks also do get the need to protect our water with strong protections. It’s kind of a no brainer. Especially when you look at the health benefits of clean water over dirty, and that temporary streams and wetlands, if not protected under these new revised rules, have the potential to be bigger sources of pollution than some of our free flowing, “always connected” wetlands and streams.

I understand that a committee in the Senate has voted to block the new Clean Water Rules.  What a short sighted travesty for our water resources this would be if the Senate is successful. What don’t they get that you need clean water to be healthy?

Today I head out from the Wildwood Marina area. It was a little shy of where I wanted to land, about ten miles or so, but I’ll be hopefully pushed on to Lorain by a slight NE wind. Yay for that! A brief push to the lee side of the land before I battle with river currents on my way to Detroit.

And thanks to Vitas for hosting us tonight at his amazing home and letting us store stuff in his fridge. He’s part of the bawdy crew of Eastern Europeans that run this fun marina. Ivan is his side kick and whose coffee I’m looking forward to having! Coffee and more cupcakes for breakfast! Time to rise and shine and get ready to hit the water.


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