Day 17 – Derby to Westfield

Lindsy crawled in through the window to unlock the abandoned boat we slept in!
Lindsy crawled in through the window to unlock the abandoned boat we slept in!

Today I’ll be leaving Westfield/Barcelona with wind at my back. The wind is honking out of the NE. Quite a change from yesterday’s paddle which saw light wind in my face, flat flat seas, and the threat of thunderstorms looming off to the south east. Fortunately I totally lucked with that call.

Motor boats were flying off the water around 1pm around Dunkirk, which was going to be my bail out if anything should kick up. The sky looked a little dicey, but it blew on it’s track to the north east and I stayed on my south westerly route and we never did collide, thank goodness. I’m always a little more hesitant to push it with the weather outside my area, but this seemed like a pretty good bet, but not without a little concern in the back of my mind.

So last night Lindsy and I slept in an abandoned boat at Monroe Marina here in Barcelona. Lindsy was hesitant about the place because of it’s reviews on google or some review site, but we discovered that review to be invalid. I’d totally give it a five star. The bathrooms were clean, there was hot water, and we had accommodations that Cameron, the owner, didn’t have to provide, but did so to help out. This is the perfect place to pitch a tent, and I’m thankful so much for folks we’ve met along the way who host us and occasionally feed us. This is a low budget operation, after all, but also it is symbolic of the nature of our water problems- it takes all if us doing whatever we can do to help correct these issues.

It also takes a lot of folks to make this outreach and educational trek possible.

If you can’t host us, feed us, and you’d like to help out either this journey or our water in general from afar you can do a few things, or just one thing. But do something! Here are a few ideas to get you going- get active in local groups doing good things for their and your watershed-pick up trash,conserve water, replace water/fertilizer intensive grass with native plants, removing invasive plants, contact your local, state, and federal representatives and let them know how important clean water is, sign a petition, and donate!

If you want to be a part of this journey, please feel free to donate to that as well-we are a scrappy crew-Lindsy gets paid for her huge efforts and hard work as the logistics manager, my husband, my kids, and myself are not, of course, but Lindsy and I do need to eat, the car needs gas, and when there are no camping options and/or storms on the horizon, we need to find a cheap hotel if we don’t have a host for the night. Please consider making a donation here-no amount is too small! (If there is money remaining that we don’t need to use for this trip – Leg 1: NYC2CHI – then it will roll into the funding for next year’s second leg – from Chicago and down the Mississippi!)

Thank you!!!

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