Day 11 – Syracuse/Clay to Weedsport

photo-11Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. Once again Lindsy and I were scooped up by wonderful folks who are “strangers no more” (John Vargo said it best!). Deb and Jerry Parker were out boating in the canal west of Cross Lake with a couple I had seen on my stretch from Oneida Lake Marina to Pirates Cove. They took some photos and asked where I was staying-and offered up their wonderful home for us to stay. So we did!

Fortunately I beat the heavy rains rains and thunderstorm and was able to hang out at Corrados, a restaurant that’s there at the River Forest Park. What a cool place! Old paper wasps hanging from the rafters among other interesting artifacts. The customers there are just as friendly as the staff -had a great time talking to T and her wife, Lisa, who donated $5 to the cause which got me a couple of beers.

Then Jeff Farcheric sat down and we chatted about his lead abatement company. Lead is a serious issue-there actually is NO safe limit for lead. He says NY has a ways to go to catch up to NJ on this issue and personally knows, through a close friend, of the issues of lead in children. For all we know about this element, I can’t believe we still have so much of it around. As Lindsy, who came as soon as she could with my car from the shop- thank goodness for Pep Boys!-and I were getting ready to settle with the restaurant, Jeff intercepted the check and footed the bill.

All if this extreme kindness means to me that folks get what Lindsy and I are up to-that clean water is important, we can’t live without it, it NEEDS to be clean to protect our health, and there is huge support for clean water. Cause frankly, clean water rules (like old guys!) and dirty water sucks!

Today’s challenge is- 45 miles (not really huge) but five locks, which I need to get thru before they close at 5.

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