Interview by the American Canoe Association

ACA_Logo_blueACA Member Paddling 1000+ Miles to Raise Awareness for Ocean Health

By Zane Havens, ACA Stewardship Coordinator


When we heard that a member of the ACA was proposing an outrigger canoe journey of over 1000 miles, we were intrigued. Long distance paddling can be both exhilarating and stressful; with exposure to the elements, long periods of exhausting activity, and extreme psychological strain all working against the paddler, it is certainly no simple feat. However, when Margo Pellegrino, wife and mother of two, told us she was attempting this paddle in order to bring attention to the environmental issues currently affecting our waters, we really paid attention.

And this is exactly what Margo Pellegrino wants. This journey is just the first part of her Big Apple 2 the Big Easy project, an expedition by outrigger from New York, NY to New Orleans, LA along inland waterways. During this project, Margo will be traveling with her documentarian, who will record their experiences and their encounters with those who are directly impacted by river and ocean health during their voyage, bringing a voice to watersheds around the country.

Margo was kind enough to answer some of our questions about her project and provide insight into what she hopes to accomplish with her effort.

More here:

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