Guest blog from Lindsy Coon – Revisiting Hudson, NY

Hudson, NYMay 24, 2015 – Hudson, NY

I set out on my search for someplace to set up my laptop, have a cold drink, and find Margo some Gorilla Tape.  The owner of the hardware store told me all about the history; Hudson used to be a whale processing town (hence the whale icon on all the street signs), then went through a rough period full of gambling and prostitution until around the mid 20th century, and has recently had a sort of renaissance.  This renaissance was evident as I walked down Warren Street, the main drag.  There are numerous art galleries and antique shops with truly unique items.   There is a hat store and a cat rescue where visitors are welcome to visit and get some feline affection.

There are indications that this is an environmentally focused town everywhere—from the solar panels on the roofs of apartments to the signs in front of stores noting the organic and fair-trade nature of their products.  Hudson also seems big on CSAs (community-supported agriculture).  I also learned from Chris, our host for the night, that an organization here successfully stopped a concrete plant from coming in and subsequently polluting the river.  The river is beautiful and various wildlife was sighted—blue herons, jumping fish, and even a beaver.  The mountains viewable from its shores are reminiscent of the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks.  I’m so very glad Margo’s stops coincided with a stop in this town.  It’s a nice reminder about the difference a small group of people can make and how if this town can rebound (with river health and otherwise), many other localities with similar issues can, too.


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