Day 3 – Verplanck to Poughkeepsie

0522150909Yesterday was a later start – close to 8am, maybe even a bit later. The wind was howling and John and his friend Henry strongly suggested I pull out early because of the wind and conditions I’d encounter. Unfortunately I had left my iPhone on the car so Lindsy found a place to catch up with me in Cold Spring.

I did manage to get some GoPro video footage of one of those seemingly endless oil trains that runs along the West side of the Hudson. It just seems they are awfully vulnerable on tracks so close to the water. The Hudson River is tidal, and I do know at least folks downstream took a hit in past Hurricanes – I think Irene obliterated a few towns. But I haven’t really asked anyone here if they were impacted or how high the water came to the tracks. Guess maybe I’ll start asking!

This area certainly is gorgeous. I regret not taking more photos in certain spots. The area of Cold Spring is especially gorgeous, but unfortunately that was where the wind was the worst. If the whole day was like that I would have more than likely bailed, but it was really only there because of the geography of the place – a narrow squeeze made for awesome current at my back but the rock and cliffs funneled the air. I wish I had a wind gauge as it would be kind of fun to see what the wind was doing. I guessed 30 with maybe gusts close to 40, but fortunately it was pretty limited to that section until the castle.

Once I hit more open waters it wasn’t as bad, so I was able to press on past the point where the guys wanted me to take out.

And now I’m gearing up for another day – Henry and his wife Ann were incredibly gracious hosts; they are friends with John Vargo who hosted us the previous night. He has quite the network!

I’m really really hoping to hook up with some of the local conservation groups. Well, at day four, we are really just getting started!


One thought on “Day 3 – Verplanck to Poughkeepsie

  1. It was a great serendipitous chance meeting you today at my The River Connection Boathouse at the Hyde Park Landing. I’m glad that the fig newtons and the caffeine fix of Starbucks provided some kick for the next leg north.


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