Day 1 – Newark to NYC/Pier 66


Wooweee! Today started out in typical fashion for a first day of a long journey-slight snafu with directions to the launch (cause I dropped a “pin” and navigated to that…not the nearby launch site), scrambling to put the boat together before a live interview, and just my normal self not being altogether back in “the swing” of things.

Thank goodness Debbie Mans of NY/NJ  was there-she had arranged for the dock to be open super early. Yay for that! She has an amazing battle in her hands there. Clean water is a never ending battle for that area-so many assaults on the water from trash like the plastic chair we watched floating by and the CSO’s which occasionally allow raw sewage to flow into the waterways to all the industrial and run- off – all of them are issues that have plagued that area for years. This area certainly has it’s issue-but its nothing that the right legislation and outreach /education can’t fix!

Nicole Dallara from Clean Ocean Action was also there-so great to see her! Clean Ocean Action has been at it for such a long time-with great results for our ocean and beaches.

We missed Bill Schultz, Raritan Riverkeeper, who usually is my trusted safety boat in this congested and busy waterway. I only ended up in a restricted area just once, and I felt it was warranted because it was preferable to getting run over by a ferry backing out of Liberty Park area to run tourists over to the Statue of Liberty.  The cops didn’t seem to mind as much as the ferry captain did!

It is always an awesome sight to see a team of tugs guiding a tanker out of it’s slip. It’s a dance I ships on the water. And then, to top things off, I paddled north of New York Outrigger’s home at Pier 66 on the Jersey side to hide a bit out of the wind and to take advantage of it at my back when I made the crossing. The only issue with that was that I needed to wait for the march of naval ships for “fleet week” to pass by. Am stoked to be paddling by them tomorrow-they are at 90th on the Hudson. Lindsy and I ran into a couple of the cadets on the street by our fun little hotel, City Rooms. This place is great, for a hotel-would DEFINITELY come back!

A HUGE thank you also to New York Outrigger for hosting my canoe and letting it spend the night-plus arranging for me to access the boat house early so we (we might have some folks paddling out with me!) can hit the water early. Can’t wait-love this group of folks! New York Outrigger boats the amazing Liberty Challenge. One of the drawbacks to these paddles is they usually coincide with our outrigger racing season. A total bummer to miss out on all these fun races!!

Speaking of missing out-can’t believe  I’m missing seeing this little guy on my local training ground!

Looking forward to paddling straight(ish) north tomorrow. Light wind outta the north ( NOT like today’s gusters) with a switch to outta the SSW. Still gotta check tides…. It is what it is!


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