Figuring it out (WordPress!)


photoThis is exactly what I’m doing at this very moment-doing a whole new website. woohooo! Good thing I have company. I hafta confess, while I’m struggling here, my mind keeps wandering to here…








BUT, if I care about these…..


I better, as Linda Emerson of Beach Guardians says, be “laser focused.” Ack, distractions!! (can you find the birds? there are three)

photo 2

Okay, for real, I’m “laser focusing” NOW.

photo 3




10 thoughts on “Figuring it out (WordPress!)

  1. i love what you do
    How does one laser focus
    I’m in vincentown growing trees on a farm and my mind has drifted as well like to sunny places


  2. And it’s a launch! If I knew the secret to “laser focusing” I would gladly share it. This world is such a precious and beautiful distraction. “Find the bird photo” added a nice touch to the chaos.


    • heehee-you crack me up. today I’ve been forced to “laser focus” (well, what for me is “laser” anyway-kinda like a sharp butter knife) because of some bug I think I might have caught from the water…


      • I think we might need to have a chat about supplements to build strength and resistance leading up to the trip. Lots of time to do it and gain some benifits. If the bug thing clearing up?


  3. I’m going over to baltimore to drop off nicks car at the ship…….he’s now captain of his school ship. Pretty neat. I’ll make up a list of suggestions…we’ll talk.. Maybe bring David into this, he’s conditioning coach for eht crew this spring……..we will build super mom!


  4. This is a friendly reminder from Beach Guardians Atlantic Coasts…now that you’ve returned to the mainland, time to get laser-focused! I have some BGAC pennants in the works to support your upcoming audacious paddle. “Together we make a difference.”


    • I’m actually sitting here in the PHX airport. I happily took the bump with bennies to stay out of the cold misery a little longer. Besides-I can see awesome mountains over the airport parking lot from the coffee shop table I’m hanging out at.


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